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Mortgage Broker vs The Bank !

Broker vs Bank

You need a mortgage, so who will find you the best deal a Bank or a Mortgage Broker. Between the publics growing loss of faith in lenders ability to provide sound financial advice and stricter lending criteria, nowadays around 60% of mortgages are now taken out through a mortgage broker and many experts expect this figure to continue rising. What ...

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What is a Valuation and why do you need one ?

Mortgage Valuation / Survey

the property you are trying to purchase is worth approximately what you have offered to pay. It will also contain basic details regarding the construction of the property ie walls are made from brick and the roof is constructed from slate etc. Depending on the mortgage product the valuation could be free or you may have to pay for it, ...

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How to Save for a Deposit ?

saving for a mortgage deposit NI

deposits as you would represent less of a risk to your Bank or Building Society. The best rates will be available to those with a 75% or less LTV (Loan to Value). Create a Saving Plan and Start now ! When saving for a deposit you should always be working towards a goal, first of all, decide approximately how much ...

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